Meet Our Trainers!

Tanesha Kuykendall

Philosophy: I thoroughly enjoy helping others achieve their health and weight loss goals. I am a passionate motivator and I am flexible enough to be able to adapt my approach to various personality types and communication styles. I also flourish in a cooperative and creative environment. I motivate and assist my clients in improving their health, meeting their fitness goals, and implementing lasting positive behavior change on a daily basis, and I absolutely love it. What I do is truly a passion and I consider it my life’s work. I enjoy continually learning and teaching clients what a lifetime of experience has taught me. 

Tanesha Kuykendall

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Barre Fitness Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Health Coach, and Certified Nutrition Consultant, committed to motivating clients to improve their physical fitness in an exciting and enjoyable way. I am also committed to helping clients create and sustain health and wellness through lasting behavior change, regular physical fitness, and healthy eating.

I spent for years at the University of California San Diego studying the chemical and biological processes of the human body. I also hold a Certification in Holistic Nutrition Consulting from Board Certified and Accredited, American College of Healthcare Sciences, as well as a Personal Training Certification from Accredited, International Sports Science Association. I have 20+ years of exercise and fitness experience, 25+ years of experience as a ballet dancer, and 15 plus years of Yoga and Pilates experience. I think I was born loving fitness, health, and nutrition.



Elisa Cornelius

Philosophy: I bring a unique sense of empowerment to each of my classes. Through intention, meditation, pranayama and asana my goal is to help others find more flexibility, stillness of the mind, awareness of breath and all around centeredness on and off the mat.


  • Encouraging leader

  • Understandable teacher

  • Desire to be a better self

  • Passionate


  • Teaching 4+ years

  • 200 ryt through yogalution movement

  • Taught all over Orange County/LB from Long Beach to Irvine, children's yoga to restorative.

Elisa Cornelius